Friday, November 19, 2010

Veterans Day Tribute

On Veterans Day Karen and I drove down Route 16 in Holliston, MA to see the flags hung in memory of the Servicemen all over the world who have died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan since Memorial Day. For 7 1/2 miles all you can see is hundreds of flags snapping in the breeze. Each telephone pole has the name of the Serviceman who died, his rank, age and country's flag. This tribute included 17 flags from around the globe: the Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Hungary, Spain, Australia, Estonia, Canada, Germany, Georgia, Romania, the U.K., Italy, Poland, France, Sweden and Denmark. The posters and flags are hung by Bobby Blair and his volunteers who do this on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Since the tribute began in 2003, Blair has lettered 6,911 double-sided posters with 13,822 names. It is such an emotional and heart-wrenching sight. The ages of most of these men and women are so young and they have made the ultimate sacrifice.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches we think of all those who are serving their country far away from their families. We thank you and salute all of you Heroes for your service.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!